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Caterham Hill Parish Council Environment Committee

The Environment Committee represents Caterham on the Hill Parish Council in its dealings with environmental matters. The Parish Council recognises the climate emergency, and the Committee will have regard to the issue including the need for sustainable development, biodiversity, and enhancement of the environment. This shall be in collaboration with the District and County Councils, residents, schools, and other relevant bodies. The Committee seeks to support local people and wildlife via biodiversity, natural flood resilience, visual amenity, air quality, temperature regulation, health, recreation, and other public benefits that arise from the principle of creating net environmental gain. It also seeks to encourage residents to engage with and participate in such initiatives.


Members of the Parish Council Environment Committee are:

Cllr George Dennis, Cllr Helen Bilton, Cllr Emma Payne, Cllr Rod Stead. 

Environment Committee meetings are held on an ad-hoc basis at the Caterham Ex Service Mens Club. If you sign up to our mailing list you (click here) will be informed when a meeting is planned and residents are encouraged to attend and give their views. 


Please click here for any planned meeting dates. Occasionally meetings are cancelled so please check the website before attending.  

The Environment Committee terms of reference are 


  1. The Committee shall consist of up to 6 councillors.

  2. The Quorum shall be 3 councillors.

  3. The committee may appoint working parties to undertake any specific project work as necessary.



The Committee shall exercise the powers and duties of the Council in accordance with approved

policies and Financial Regulations in relation to:

  1. Working with residents, local groups and relevant authorities to co-ordinate and promote environmental initiatives. 

  2. Undertake public consultations and respond to consultations on environmental initiatives.

  3. To apply for relevant grants.

  4. Working with local groups and relevant authorities to improve planting, landscaping and management of parks, communal green infrastructure and verges.

  5. Working with developers and relevant authorities to improve the design of communal green spaces within new developments.

  6. Planting and floral display projects to enhance the appearance of public spaces.

  7. Tree planting.

  8. Natural flood resilience.

  9. Wildflowers. 

  10. Verges and hedges.

  11. Manage, according to Financial Regulations, contracts and tenders for any projects within the budget of the committee 



The Committee shall advise the Parish Council and make recommendations regarding:

  1. New environmental initiatives.

  2. Budget


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