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Allotment competition

Congratulations to the winners of this years' allotment competition. The Judge from Knights Garden Centre said ' as always the standard was very high with some fantastic fruit, vegetables and flowers on display.'

The winners were:


Plot 14 and Plot 15 which both had excellent health crops and tidy allotments. 


Plot 41, Plot 38a and Plot 55a


Plot 37 - a good all-round neat plot with sweet corn, beans, lettuce etc.  



Plot 32, Plot 9a, Plot 30a , Plot 13 -

New wheelie bins for rubbish on their way


Later this year TDC will be delivering a new, free, 180 litre wheelie bin to all households for their rubbish. This bin should be big enough for most households, as it holds around three full bags of rubbish.


Smaller or larger bins or council bin bags for residents with access issues can be ordered by completing a form at by 30 April 2019.


Once the new bins have been delivered, they can be used straight away. Residents should put their new wheelie rubbish bin at the edge of their property, where they normally leave their recycling wheelie bin, by 6am on their scheduled waste collection day.


If residents already have a rubbish bin this can be reused in many ways, for example as a water butt or as storage for the garden. The Council will alternatively arrange to collect old bins and recycle them into new products such as picnic benches and residents can request this by completing a form at


The changes are being implemented following a formal direction from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that the current back door service and lack of rubbish bin provision has put the waste collectors at increased risk of injury. Having a bin for rubbish will reduce issues with sacks being ripped open and waste being spread by rodents and other pests.


Councillor Pat Cannon, Chair of the Community Services Committee, said: “These new wheelie bins and changes to our collection service will help keep our streets clean as rubbish will be securely stored. We will also be following the HSE’s recommendations, to make our waste collections easier and safer. If residents need a smaller or larger bin and please visit”

Drainage Project

The Parish Council, working with the District Council and of course SCC have analysed where there are blocked gullies which present a risk of causing flash floods.

We have just received the following from the leader of the project:

"Today we have signed off the contract with our contractor for the additional drain clearance work. Thank you all for the contributions in money, time and effort, without the Parish and District Council’s contributions this would not be going ahead. Thank you.


The aim of this project is to clear the gullies and pipe connections in the priority roads in order to re-establish the highway network’s capacity and in doing so identify areas where repairs are required as a result of roots/damage etc. The secondary aim is to update the highway drainage map SCC currently hold.


The plan in outline is as follows. SCC’s contractor has been commissioned for 3 days per week for the duration of February, to deliver a cleansing programme for the gullies and linear drains in Caterham Hill. As part of this, the contractor will also be doing a data capture of the drains which are not on our maps, in particular the pipe network of which we have little data. We have agreed to start in Queens Park Road and anticipate that we will need to evolve the schedule throughout the job. This will be overseen by the Area Team on a day to day basis.


Reporting problems: The contractor will have cards to hand to members of the public with contact details for reporting issues, these will be picked up and included in the job if not already planned.


Parking: In order to manage parking with in the area we intend to sign and cone the specific areas the night before the cleanse is due to go through. More than that often results in the cones being removed. In order to mitigate the parking factor further, the contractor will revisit challenging locations throughout the job. So if a road is not completed on the first attempt they will keep going back.


Traffic management: Some of the areas will require a level of traffic management. This will be limited and devised to keep the roads moving.


Dates: Working dates February 6th to 8th , 13th to 15th, 20th to 22nd and 26th to 28th "


Grants of up to £2,000 available to local good causes


Tandridge District Council is inviting local good causes to apply for grants of up to £2,000, which will be awarded to local charities and voluntary groups which can demonstrate the work they do helps support people living in the district.


Thanks to the success of the Tandridge Together Lottery, which launched in March 2018, the fund available to local good causes this year has increased. 10p from every ticket sold goes directly into the Tandridge Together Community Fund for the Council to distribute in small grants. This year, an overall fund up to £33,500 is available, made up of £16,500 raised by people buying tickets for the Tandridge Together Lottery and £17,000 from the Council’s Small Grants Fund.


Local good causes are invited to apply for funding of up to £2,000 towards initiatives which will directly benefit residents through one or more of the following activities:


• Supporting older people.

• Supporting people with disabilities.

• Helping to develop younger people.

• Improving community facilities.

• Improving sporting facilities.

• Environmental improvement and conservation.

The form is available at and applications must be submitted by midnight on 16 November, 2018.


The grant allocations will be decided by the Tandridge Health and Wellbeing Board by the end of January 2019

Caterham on the Hill Parish Council welcomes its new Resilience Co-ordinator


Following the severe flood event on 7th June 2016, the Parish Councillors looked hard at how the agencies responded

to the crisis, which affected over 100 households. They realised that there was a need for a co-ordinated local response,

as both the District and County Councils had struggled to respond in a timely way.


Accordingly, following work with the local Flood Action Group and others, the post of Resilience Co-ordinator was devised.

Nick Morley, a retired fire fighter with experience of disaster recovery and emergency planning was appointed last month.

He will ensure there is a rapid and appropriate response to all local emergencies and act as first port of call for agencies and volunteers. He is beginning by ensuring we have to hand all the equipment we need for a rapid response, whether traffic cones or pumps, and will lead on winter preparation.


Cllr Chris Botten, who has championed the role, said, “I am delighted that Nick has joined the Parish team and feel confident that with his expertise we can respond rapidly to help the vulnerable in the event of flood, snow, power or water outage or other emergencies. We have learnt from the events of the past and now hopefully residents will be better protected.”

You can contact Nick Morley at

Local Plan

Caterham on the Hill Parish Council is asking residents to urgently comment on the Draft Local Plan (DLP) consultation that runs until 10th September.


Councillor Jeremy Webster, Chair of the Parish Council said, ‘Councillors consider the Local Plan to be unsound and are extremely concerned that it threatens our green belt, the future of the Douglas Brunton Centre, the Chaldon Road recycling centre and possibly other public facilities in our Parish. Although this consultation should only be on compliance and soundness of the DLP the fact that much of its content and policies are new means that a full public consultation should be undertaken.’


At the Parish Council meeting on 29th August residents complained that the Ward ‘Fact Sheets’ had not been delivered to several roads and that there were errors of fact and misleading descriptions in the Local Plan.  There was a strong view that Caterham on the Hill does not have the necessary infrastructure having already taken a disproportionate share of development.


A full response by the Parish Council to the Draft Local Plan is available on their website at


Responses can be made on any part of the Draft Local Plan, either directly through the Tandridge Council Local Plan website portal, by emailing:, or by writing to: Local Plan Consultation 2018, Tandridge District Council, 8 Station Road East, Oxted RH8 0BT. 
Copies of the Draft Plan are in the Caterham Hill and Valley Libraries, and all the documents are online at > Local Plan.

Parish Council  Response

Appendix A

Douglas Brunton Centre

Tandridge District Council Housing Committeevagreed to look at the option of leasing a large part of the Douglas Brunton Centre (DBC) in Caterham to St Catherine’s Hospice. 

If part of the building is leased to the hospice several new services will be available and there will be changes to existing services, some of which will move to alternative near-by locations. The centre is not closing, there are no plans for inpatient facilities to be provided by the hospice and no plans to convert the centre to solely office use or homes. Click here for more

The Parish Council has responded to these plans. 

Letter to Cllr Fisher, Chair of the Wellbeing Board


Referral system

Allotment competition

Congratulations to the 2019 allotment competition winners. The judge said that it was a difficult year for many allotment holders and was very impressed with many of the allotments. 

Local Bus service re tendering and changes for September 2018

Local Bus service re tendering and changes for September 2018 are being presented at 26th June SCC Cabinet.

The report (click here to download) shows a saving of £125K whilst improving some services. SCC have improved the types of buses by introducing a number of euro six buses which are the cleanest buses which will improve the air quality.


This report highlights those services that have been routinely retendered and/or changes being proposed in September 2018:

If you would like to discuss any of the changes highlighted in the report further please contact Laurie James (currently on leave until 19th June) 020 8541 8633 or Val Sexton 020 8541 9366.

Oak Processionary Moth

The Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) is a moth which nests in oak trees and feeds on oak leaves. Large populations can strip trees bare, leaving them weakened and vulnerable to other threats. A protein in the caterpillars' tiny hairs can cause skin and eye irritations, sore throats and breathing difficulties in people and animals who come into contact with them.


The OPM is now confirmed within Tandridge and it should be noted that Tandridge is located within the area designated as the ‘Control/Buffer Zone’ which surrounds the London ‘Core Zone’ where eradication is now considered impossible. Within the Control Zone areas it is mandatory for public bodies such as County, District, and Parish Councils to report any infestations and eradicate them. Currently the Forestry Commission pays for eradication on private land. The following link explains it all:


Oak trees can survive defoliation because it happen early enough in the season for a second flush of leaves to be formed. Oak trees should not be removed as a control mechanism as there are effective treatments and the risk to humans and animals is only over short period of time whilst the caterpillars are active.


If you think you see OPM locally please let the Parish Council know. 

Member Allocation Grant Scheme

The Members’ Allocation grant scheme (designed to respond to local needs that support the County’s corporate priorities of promoting community well-being, economic prosperity and enhanced resident experience) is now open for applications. Click here for information on how to apply.


New accessible minibus service for whole district launches Monday 3 April


The East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership launches a new accessible minibus service on Monday 3 April 2017, which will cover travel around the district and journeys to and from the Douglas Brunton Centre in Caterham.


The service will be available from anywhere in the district from 9.15am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. In addition, there will be a dial-a-ride service centred in the north of the district from Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays, 9.15am to 5pm weekdays and 9am to 4.15pm on Saturdays.


Single journey fares for both services are:


§  Up to 2 miles £2.50

§  From 2 to 5 miles £3

§  Over 5 miles £3.50

An annual membership fee of £25 is required for the dial-a-ride service and covers the use of both services. Residents are welcome to join the service anytime for a 12 month period. An application form can be requested from the booking office on 01883 732791.


The booking office is open from 8.30am to 5.30pm weekdays. Residents can book up to 14 days in advance and must book by 5.30pm the day before, using either service. Bookings can be made calling 01883 732791.


Both services provide a door to door service. All vehicles are fully accessible. All staff hold enhanced Disclosure and Baring service certificate from Surrey County Council and a full current MiDAS (Minibus driver awareness scheme) qualification.


East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership will be launching an excursions leaflet, which will be sent out to customers. In addition, groups can charter transport for days out.


For further information please call 01883 732791 or visit


Paul Barton, Chief Community Services Officer, said: “This new service will improve the community transport offered in the district and support those many residents who would otherwise not be able to easily travel around the area.”

Annual reports by the Chairmen of the Parish Council and Committees are available to download:
Chairman's report.

Project Chairman's report.

Finance and General Purposes Chairman's report. 


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