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The Caterham and District Local History Centre, the Bourne Society and the East Surrey Museum are good places to get further information on the history of Caterham on the Hill.
The History of East Surrey Museum is available for £5 (all profits going to the
Queen's Park Playground was opened in 1988 thanks to a group called Play Safely. Click here for their history from 1983 to 1993. 
Below is information on history projects completed by individuals that we hope you will find of interest. 
Oral History Project  by Jeremy Webster.
CDs are available for a small donation. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you would like a copy on 01883 708310.
History of the former military huts in Hawarden Road / The Grove by Jim Brown.
Please click here to download in pdf format.
List of Caterham Hill fallen WW1 Servicemen by John Orrick. 
Information taken from "The soldiers of Caterham 1914-1918" by Peter Saaler and reproduced with the kind permission of the author
Click here to download the list in pdf format.

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History of the town

History of Caterham on the Hill 



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