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Finance and General Purposes


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Caterham Hill Parish Council Finance and General Purposes Committee

The Finance and General Purposes Committee represents Caterham on the Hill Parish Council in its dealings with finances, policies and procedures and staff matters. 

Members of the Parish Committee are:

Cllr Chris Botten (Chair), Cllr Maria Grasso, Cllr Emma Payne, Cllr Vicky Robinson, Cllr Geoff Duck , Cllr George Dennis, Cllr Derek Carpenter, Cllr Helen Bilton, Cllr Leena Sowambur

Committee meetings are held bi-monthly at the Westway Centre. If you sign up to our mailing list you (click here) will be informed when a meeting is planned and residents are encouraged to attend and give their views. 


Please click here for any planned meeting dates. Occasionally meetings are cancelled so please check the website before attending.  

The Committee terms of reference are:

The Finance and General Purposes Committee shall exercise the powers and duties of the Council in accordance with approved policies and Financial Regulations in relation to the following:

a)    Administration and control of the Council’s financial and material assets

b)    Overview and scrutiny of Council and Committee budgets

c)    Preparation and approval of the Council’s bi-monthly statements of accounts

d)    Approve grants and donations that are within the budgetary allocation.

e)    Annual review of Financial Regulations 

f)     The Council’s annual schedule of meetings

g)    Arrangements for meetings of the Council

h)    The organisation of the Annual Parish Meeting

i)     The smooth and efficient running of the Council’s administration

j)     Routine staff matters, other than dismissal, disciplinary, grievance and salary 

k)    Making appointments to, and receiving reports in respect of, any relevant Outside Bodies

ii)    The Committee shall consider matters under the following headings and make recommendations to Council as deemed necessary:

a)    The preparation and presentation of the annual internal and external audits of accounts. 

b)    Civic matters and those relating to the powers of the Parish Council.

c)    Initial consideration of all legal and statutory matters.

d)    Proposals to amend or vary Standing Orders.

e)    Matters that are not covered under the delegated powers of any other Committee, but which require consideration before being referred to Council.

iii)   The Committee shall not exceed, or vary by virement, any annual budgetary allocation without the approval of the Council.


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