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Useful information and useful links.


Community resilience is the sustained ability of a community to utilise available resources to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations. 

Below is useful information and advice from a variety of sources. 

For information specifically on FLOODING click here. The Flood Action Group website has information and advice at

The Flood Action Group can be contacted by mail at


  • Sign up to a priority register for your gas, electricity and water.  If you are on this register and there is an issue with one of the services then you will receive priority support in an emergency and have advanced notice of power cuts as well as other benefits such as receiving your bill in an accessible format.  To sign up contact all of your utility providers.


  • Get a free ‘Message in a Bottle’ from your local Lions Club.  You can store your personal and medical details in this bottle in the fridge and should you need assistance, the emergency services will be able to quickly access your information and provide appropriate support. Search message in a bottle on


  • Request a Safe and Well Visit from Surrey Fire and Rescue Service - they combine home safety checks, reducing the risk of fire in your home and where appropriate, you will also be offered information to help you improve your wellbeing. This allows you to live safer and more independent lives. Surrey residents can arrange a free Safe and Well Visit by:


Telephone: 0800 085 0767 (Freephone)

Text: 07860 053 465



  • If there is an emergency and you are asked to leave your home, make sure you take your medication and if possible any medical equipment you need. Remember to tell family, friends and carers where you are going and if you are receiving visits from NHS or Social Care providers let them know where you have gone.



The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free service provided by suppliers and network operators to customers in need. Click here for more information.

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